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How To Combine Socks, Shoes & Pants

Posted by The Mantique | Accessories For Men on October 26, 2017 at 9:25 AM

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Sock rule #1: Never wear white tennis socks unless you're at the gym or involved in any other kind of physical activity.

Sock rule #2: get a quality pair of over the calf socks because they will stay up and not slide down and not expose your hairy calves.

Sock rule #3: Match your socks to the pants you wear, not to the shoes.

Now that we got the basics of the shoe, sock, and pant combinations covered, let's talk about advanced ways to come up with different styles.

1. Most men have them and the best kind of sock to wear with them, in my opinion, is a two-tone sock.

My first pair of two-tone socks was one with blue and red. I was simply stunned by the different combinations that were available to me once I wore them.

Know that a single pair of socks is so versatile that it can be literally worn with 2/3 or more of your entire wardrobe.

If you have enough contrast here, to make it not boring and not too close. No matter what pants or shoes you have in your wardrobe, having a range of different socks helps you to really create a number of different outfits and it's much less expensive than buying either shoes, suits, or pants.

The opportunity of creating different outfits just by changing your socks is endless.

Ideally, you pick one color that's slightly similar and one that's contrasting. On top of that, you can also decide to match your socks to a different accessory such as your pocket square, your boutonniere, or your tie.

Sometimes, people also pair their sock color to the lining color of their suit which can also look quite stunning.

Another advantage of two-tone socks is that you can actually match the color mainly with the shoes rather than the pants.


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